If you’re looking to move to MoneyWorks, it’s easier than you may think.
MoneyWorks has flexible and powerful importing capabilities that allow you to import data easily, whether from a text file or just copy and pasting a block from a spreadsheet. See the guidelines below, and take advantage of the free tools that can transfer data from common accounting report formats straight into MoneyWorks.

Converting to MoneyWorks
A general overview of the conversion process.

Importing Q&A
Common questions about importing data into MoneyWorks.

Receivables and Payables
Transferring your receivables and payables is made easy with this script.

Items and Inventory
Transferring your item list and stock count and valuation is made easy with this script.

Alternatively, use a MoneyWorks expert to help you through the process.
“I have to say that after using MW Gold for a year now, I would never go back to MYOB. We feel like we’ve taken a huge step forward in the last year and we have a much better idea of what’s going on with our business.”
—Kathy, NSW, Australia

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