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About MoneyWorks. MoneyWorks represents a major step forward in accounting software. It is fully scalable to meet the needs of many businesses without the bloated features, costs and complications of full blown ERP systems—MoneyWorks is the perfect option for those serious about what good accounting can do for business performance. Unlike traditional accounting software, MoneyWorks…
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If you’re looking to move to MoneyWorks, it’s easier than you may think. MoneyWorks has flexible and powerful importing capabilities that allow you to import data easily, whether from a text file or just copy and pasting a block from a spreadsheet. See the guidelines below, and take advantage of the free tools that can…
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MoneyWorks for POS

Did you know that every POS system would have a different level of integration to accounting, ecommerce, rental, shop management and many other software modules? And the level of integration can affect your business productivity? When discussing POS accounting software, you might not realize that there's a difference between the terms "integrated" and "interfaced". You'll…
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New tax incentives introduced in Ghana

The government of Ghana in an attempt to improve the business environment in the country has introduced various tax incentives. Although they all will have impact on your business activities, we will highlight few and talk about the rest in the next release. 1% special import levy has been abolished 17.5% VAT/NHIL on financial services has…
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