MoneyWorks for POS

Did you know that every POS system would have a different level of integration to accounting, ecommerce, rental, shop management and many other software modules? And the level of integration can affect your business productivity?

When discussing POS accounting software, you might not realize that there's a difference between the terms "integrated" and "interfaced". You'll hear these terms used interchangeably but there's a subtle (yet significant) difference between "integrated" and "interfaced" products.

For example, some POS systems interface (or link) to another accounting system like QuickBooks or Peachtree. And some POS systems will have fully integrated accounting built into the software. So what's the difference?

Let's start with their definitions (according to the dictionary)...

Interface: A point at which independent systems or diverse groups interact.

Integrated: To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify.

Like I said, a subtle, yet potentially significant difference.

In the software world, integrated modules use the same data files and information is updated in real-time. The data is consistent across all modules, offering maximum integrity - so you save time and avoid double entry.

Thywillonly has been successful to customize MoneyWorks accounting to handle your POS. Inventory control, Simplified customer transactions as well as all functionalities of a POS system will all happen in your accounting system giving you real-time update of your business transactions.

Are you struggling with your POS system and your accounting?

Get in touch and Thywillonly will provide solution for your POS and accounting.

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